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Creating a naturally beautiful life with your ill cats and giving you the support in health, nutrition and behaviour that you’re missing from conventional medicine.

Worsening Health

When our beloved cats are suffering and we are doing our best with the veterinarians but we still see our cats in pain, without any appetite, withering, this is when we want to make it better for them. And our mission with Felvet is to allow you to do this with your ill cat.

Relationship with the cat(s)

New cats or kittnes in the house, new children in the house, changes in the house itself, behaviour issues… all of these can cause your cat (or cats) to behave differently. Maybe they start attacking you or your children. Maybe they are fighting with another cat. In the end, you or your family are struggling to feel comfortable around your beloved cat.

Nutrition, Behaviour and Health

Your cat needs a specific diet but, no matter how hard you try, they are not taking it. Or maybe your cat has stopped using the litter tray, and you find yourself up in the middle of the night cleaning after them because of the children. Maybe you’re starting to notice changes in your senior cat but the vet doesn’t find anything wrong. Despite all of this, there is much you can do for your cat to create a happy home and allow your senior cat to live a longer, healthier life all while strengthening your bond with them.

Hello! I’m Amaya and I created Felvet in 2013

Veterinarian, Diploma in Feline Medicine by Centro de Especialidades Médicas Veterinarias, member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society

Despite being a feline veterinarian with many years of experience, I didn’t actually like cats when I was young! However, I found out that I was my truest self around animals and that’s why I chose to work with them. Through my years of practice, I realized that veterinary medicine is also an art and that we need to learn to listen to our cats, so I started to look into the “art” in the “science”. My approach to feline health and well-being reflects this and is a unique and integrative approach that goes beyond conventional medicine.

What I Do

I work with cat owners that want to enjoy living with their ill cat and provide them the best quality of life possible, giving the support and advice in health, nutrition and behaviour that they are missing from conventional medicine.

Heart, Cat & Soul Method

This unique method is an individual and tailored ongoing program designed to last a minimum of 3 months:

  • To bring your cat to the path to emotional and physical health
  • To strengthen the family bond with the cat
  • To bring nature to your side to improve health and nutrition

The Heart Cat & Soul Method

Your cat treated as whole until the whole family thrives.


Stating the Problem

This step is all about getting the real diagnosis to your cat’s problem and setting their path to health.

Environmental Enrichment

This step is about making your house comfortable for your cat and your family.

Cat Needs

Understanding how your cat thinks and feels will allow you to understand what your cat needs from you.


Routines and Habits

The next step is to create a routine in your cat’s busy life that fits your whole family.


“May the food be your medicine”. Here we will work on adapting nutrition to allow your cat to thrive.

Follow Up

There is no point in doing it only once. This is a journey of constant evolution and we’re here to guide you on that.

Inside the Programme

With the Heart, Cat & Soul Method, you receive individual and tailored expert advice and support:

  • Welcome pack
  • Individual 1-to-1 sessions
  • More than 10 hours of veterinary consultations
  • Individual behaviour assessment
  • Strategic Health Plan
  • Nutritional and dietary planning
  • Supplements and herbs for your cat
  • Guidance in the use of plants for health
  • Exclusive meetings and Q&A sessions
  • Recorded content, recorded sessions, aditional support material
  • Veterinary support for future consultations (with your own vet)
  • Ongoing email support

"Tener tres gatos con tal diferencia de edades (15,9 y 1,5 años) y que se lleven bien entre ellos no es nada sencillo. Desde que a mi gata mayor le detectaron enfermedad renal crónica, he acudido a Amaya para que me ayude a realizar la transición a BARF para los tres y desterrar de una vez el pienso. Con el pequeño no ha habido problema, pero con los otros dos fue algo más complejo. Una ayuda de una nutricionista experta viene muy bien."

Gerardo Barsi

"Mi experiencia con Amaya ha sido estupenda, mi gato Shippo era muy reactivo, lo que hacía muy difícil su manipulación. Me sentía perdida sin saber como enfocar ni gestionar la situación. Amaya me enseño a entender y comprender que su agresividad provenía de un trastorno; la hiperestesia, y gracias a sus pautas, terapias y recomendaciones, mi gato no necesita medicación convencional. Ahora Shippo está mucho más tranquilo, más cariñoso, va tolerando las visitas en casa y ¡Está bien guapo!"

Eva Rubio

"Después de las experiencias vividas con mis gatitos y Amaya, sólo puedo decir mil veces gracias, por su gran profesionalidad y su empatía como persona. Nos acompañó y asesoró durante varios momentos difíciles, como la agresividad de Moka al llegar a casa, la enfermedad de Julian, aún cuando no tuvimos el final deseado estuvo a nuestro lado, y aconsejándonos en la posterior adopción de Mowgly."

Yasmina Yepes

"Tengo tres gatas, Amaya las ha tratado a través de sus terapias y han mejorado notablemente. En concreto una de ellas, Carey, sufre de asma crónica y gracias a su método he reducido el consumo de fármacos para tratarla. Recientemente hemos introducido una gata adulta —Dixie—, con problemas de conducta, y poco a poco estamos viendo mejoría en su actitud hacia el resto de los gatos, sin duda que funciona. Muchas gracias Amaya por el tiempo, el amor y la profesionalidad con la que trata a gatos y humanos."

Marisa López

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Heart Cat & Soul program last for?

The length of the program varies a lot from cat to cat, but the program is designed to be delivered over a minimum period of three months.

Can I do a single consultation, or do you only run your program?

If we can sort the problem of your cat in one consultation, then we do one consultation instead of the whole program!

What diseases do you treat?

I work both with healthy and sick cats. The majority of cats with illnesses that I work with have renal disease, hyperthyroidism, bowel disease, lymphoma, or several of those diseases combined. 

Do you do home visits?

No, I do not do home visits or home consultations.

Contact Me

If you would like to know more about the Heart, Cat & Soul programme or arrange a free consultation to see what your cat needs help with, contact me.

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