About Me

Veterinarian specialized in felines, cat owner, musician

Amaya Espíndola

Veterinarian, Diploma in Feline Medicine by Centro de Especialidades Médicas Veterinarias, member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society

My life started without a lot of cats or other animals around. When I was young, I sometimes felt like I didn’t have a voice of my own and this was something I saw happening with cats around me all the time. I surrounded myself with animals as I felt that they understood me and I understood them, and that’s why I decided to study as a veterinarian in Argentina. I studied in other parts of the world and eventually moved to Spain.

It was there that I found a brilliant project with cats that I worked in for several years. During this work, I realised that cats were badly misunderstood and that cat owners didn’t have a way to create stronger bonds with their cats. I started to help them with this.

I’m an artist by heart and I think medicine is an art. Therefore, I started to look beyond conventional medicine, learning about behaviour and nutrition, to better help my own cats and those of others who I was working with.

I’ve now been working with cats for more than 10 years and I’ve helped more than 500 cats become healthier by bringing nature into their side and putting together the knowledge and art of veterinary medicine and non-conventional therapies.

My Approach & Values

Cats are amazing teachers, but we often struggle to understand them and what they are teaching us. I want to make sure that you do the best for your feline friend, that your bond with your cat (or cats) is one of mutual respect and compassion, that you love your cat, your family loves your cat, and your cat loves you back.

The most distressing moment for a cat owner is when they feel unable and limited in what they can do when their cat falls ill. I too have a cat with chronic disease and I know how hard it was for me.

That’s why I want you to live a happy life with your cat and I will use all of my science, art, knowledge and techniques to help you prolong the lifetime you’ll spend with your cat and give them the best quality of life you are humanely able to.

Some of the tools I use

  • Zoopharmacognosis
  • Oils and other natural supplements
  • Raw feeding
  • Enneagram
  • TTouch

My Other roles

  • Committee Member of the Raw Feeding Society

I Work With Cat Owners Who Want to Provide the Best Life for their Sick Cats

Free Consultation

Every owner deserves the chance to create a better life for their cat family. If your cat was diagnosed with a chronic disease, if you think your cat was misdiagnosed, if you’re struggling with getting your cat to eat, if your cat is misbehaving or destroying your house or if you’re struggling to cope with your cat illness, book a free consultation to discuss this with me.

Cat Talks

Want to become a cat whisperer too? Love cats, their cute footpads, their twitchy noses? If you want to know more about health, nutrition and behaviour of our feline friends, join me for the live Cat Talks every Friday on Felvet’s Instagram!